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I tattoo out of my private studio in Melbourne, Australia.

I started tattooing in 1997 and have enjoyed collecting and giving tattoos ever since.

In recent years a majority of my best work has been completed as greywash style or black and grey. My gallery reflects a majority of these pieces, you will also find numerous colour works.

Whether working in colour or grey, either way I'd be happy to talk to you about your next tattoo.

I design custom artwork for clients, but also reinterpret reference material that clients are influenced by. A consultation is the best avenue to help us both get on the same page and move forward to your new tattoo.
My style is predominantly fantasy, religious, chicano, and portrait but I like to mix in oriental & colour realistic also - it really depends on what my clients request to be tattooed.

Having been formally trained as an illustrator in the early 90's my style draws from all mediums and I'm influenced by artists and illustrators worldwide.

It has been said that my graffiti influence comes across in my work and I utliise my photographic education to stylistically shade and render my tattoo pieces.

A number of searchable images are in gallery, if you would like to see more
please take a look here.